04-1602 dimension

04-1602 dimension

1602 PC

1602 PC

1602 -10 | 1602

1602 -10 | 1602

1602-10 | 1602

1602-10 | 1602

Model No. 1602

  • Clear clip/ POP sign clip with color knuckle;

  • Display signs above a variety of fixtures; 

  • POP sign clip/ clear clip with anti-slip coating; 

  • Display material from 0.2 mm -0.8mm; 

  • 5cm extender; 

  • Clear PC Carbonate; 


Model No. 1602 PS

Made in Taiwan, ROC

  • POP sign clip/ clear clip with transparent knuckle;

  • POP sign clip/ clear clip assembled with plastic spring;

  • Rust resistant; good for POP sign clip in moist environment;

  • Universal knuckle allows the POP sign clip to tilt in any direction;

  • POP sign clip made with Polycarbonate;

  • For product promotion or advertising;


We have a series of Modal No. 1602 pop sign clip/pc clip of different height for your selection: 

Model No. 1602 PS-10

  • 10 cm extender; 

  • 広告表示クリップ

  • 幅50mm×高さ150mm

  • 差し込み式POP器具

  • 角度が自由に変えられるタイプ

  • Porta Precio clip

  • Exhibidor de publicidad, por un extremo posee un práctico sostenedor de publicidad, por el otro clip tipo perro, para superficies planas como vidrio, madera, etc.



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