Model No. 1201

Made in Taiwan, ROC

  • POP sign clip/clear clip; 

  • Wire extender displays signs well above merchandisers; 

  • Universal knuckles allows it to tilt in any direction; 

  • Clear POP sign clip / clear clip can hold materials up to 1cm thick; 

  • Universal knuckle allows the POP sign clip/ sign holder/ clear clip to tilt in any direction;

  • Customized design, base can be any size of the POP sign clips, magnetic base, or plastic pad. 

  • 10cm steel wire extenter; 

  • POP sign clip/ clear clip made with Polycarbonate;

  • For product promotion or advertising;

  • Tool for promotinoal events or trade shows. 


Model No. 1201 WA

  • Adheres to signs or displays for permanent adhesive; 

  • クリップ&カード差しワイヤー

  • POPカードがより目立ちます。

  • 下クリップ開口約10mmまで


  • so amplio: aplicaciones en tiendas minoristas, supermercados,

  • tiendas múltiples, centros comerciales o para otras actividades publicitarias.

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