Model No. 4075

Made in Taiwan, ROC

  • POP sign clip/sign clip/ clear clip; 

  • Attractive colorful coated wire disign can be wrapped around anything; 

  • Spiral wind it for extra POP; 

  • Universal knuckle allows it to tilt in any direction;

  • 30 cm in overall length; 

  • POP sign clips/ clear clip can be replaced by magnetoc base; suction cup; medium or large clips; 

  • Customized disign available; 

  • Color available in white, black, orange, green, pink, and blue PVC covering; 

  • POP sign clip/clear clip made with Polycarbonate;

  • For product promotion or advertising;

  • スタイリングフりーPOPです。

  • デスプレイの角度が調整できます。

  • so amplio: aplicaciones en tiendas minoristas, supermercados, 

  • tiendas múltiples, centros comerciales o para otras actividades publicitarias.


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